Dear Valuable Üründül Group Members,

I think our attitude of “being fair and responsible to our employees and to all parties we make business with, focusing on driving more success, being disciplined, and being responsive to our society and country” forms the building blocks of our organizational culture of decades and is the most important factor that makes us differentiate and helps our success to be sustained.

As the heirs of a culture having implemented various projects through its investments made across Turkey over a period of 30 years, we have also great responsibility for the way we conduct our business.

We, as Üründül Group, are starting out once again with know-how, experience, plans and belief, to accomplish important projects together and to be a leading player in the sectors where we have presence, owing to our entrepreneurial character, and innovative and creative perspectives.

While moving on this course with synergy and excitement for success, we aim to accomplish exemplary projects to contribute to the economy of the country by combining our Founding President's leadership that is full of wisdom, and our Board of Directors' excitement for delivering successful results with professional, exclusive and reliable teams formed within our organization.

We believe our Group's tangible and intangible resources, its business reputation having doubled over years and its reliable business relationships are significant milestones to carry us to the future and to the success we aim for. 

Accordingly, our operations in the energy sector, one of the most strategic areas today, continue with new investments, particularly including Yeşilırmak-1 Regulator and Hydroelectric Power Plant, a recently constructed power plant with 14.25 MWe capacity in Reşadiye, Tokat and the Sedko Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant with 430 MW capacity in Kırklareli industrial zone which is being developed since 2010.

By determining right strategies in each step we take, working on a planned, programmed and controlled basis, and combining most advanced technologies and best quality materials with our project-design experience, we aim to become one of leading actors driving Turkey’s development in these areas.

In addition, we aim to turn our Famecity Entertainment Center inside İzmir Hilton Hotel, another investment branch which we believe will further increase the emerging value of İzmir, into a quality life center respectful to the cultural structure of the Turkish society and adopting the idea of creating pleasant and valuable time with high standards introduced to the understanding of sports and entertainment.

Believing that our professional proficiency and dedication to our targets will render us superior and different in each action we take, we will continue to create success stories that will highlight our name and to be a leading actor for the economy of the country.

Kind Regards,