The Main Pillars of Our Human Resources Policy

  • To maintain and develop Üründül Group’s Understanding and Culture.

  • To ensure that all our employees are aware of the fact that they are a member of Üründül Group family and to make sure that they are proud of this.

  • To make Üründül Group a preferred workplace.

  • To establish and sustain a large community consisted of employees who embed Üründül Group’s future plans into their career direction, unite the company’s targets and their personal targets and create added value within the company with their achievements.

Our policy:

  • Our group’s choice of Human Resource is made in accordance with the principles of fairness and equal opportunity, among people who have a high potential of development, have the knowledge and skills his/her tasks require, will internalize and keep the Group’s values alive and with whom we can maintain our long-term cooperation.

  • We balance our employees’ and our Group’s expectations in accordance with the Group’s principles.

  • We evaluate and promote our employees’ achievements at work and their working performance, and plan their careers. We give priority to make use of our internal human resource to meet our needs.

  • We believe that our Human Resource is the main factor that provides competitive advantage.

  • We follow up the developments in human resources, evaluate and implement them in accordance with Group’s needs.

  • We pay attention to the differences of the sectors and companies that form our Group.