In fact, the history Üründül Group dates back several decades. Following a professional worksite experience of 12 years, Sedat Üründül, having graduated in 1946 as a senior civil engineer from Istanbul Technical University (ITU), established the company
PALET Müteahhitlik in 1958 together with his friends Hayri Bingol and Cemal Ahmet Kura and they successfully completed many projects such as large dams, railroads, tunnels, expressways, irrigation and storage. Leading projects include Canakkale HEPP, Niksar HEPP, Koprücük HEPP and Cevizli Regulator and HEPP.

ATA INSAAT was established on October 24, 1983 with participation of the companies Palet İnşaat, Seri İnşaat ve Enerji and Su İnşaat, having broad capacity and experience on dam constructions, HEPP and infrastructure projects. This joint venture started for participation in the international tender of and for construction of the Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant’s (HEPP) also attracted interest from a large number of internationally recognized contractors.

Following this huge partnership, the three partners and Ata İnşaat Limited Şirketi were awarded the tender for the Ataturk Dam and HEPP Project in August 26, 1983 and the construction started in early 1984 and thereafter the company made a name for itself as Ata İnşaat. This joint venture was formed by only Turkish contractors despite such concerns of other participants as "the requirement to have at least one foreign contractor”.

The 2400 MW-capacity Atatürk Dam and Hydroelectric Power Plant is not only one of the most important projects within the SouthEast Anatolia Project (GAP), but also is one of world’s largest Dam and HEPP projects which has appeared in international construction publications. Its total contract amount is $1.3 billion.

Sedat Üründül was the President of the Board in the world’s 4th largest project completed in 8 and a half years by 11000 people. In 2008 he, together with his son Ömer Üründül and his grandchild Mert Üründül established ÜRÜNDÜL GROUP when his partnership in Ata İnşaat continued.

Today Üründül Group has operations in three main lines of business, with the energy sector being the leading one.

  • Power Generation
  • Construction and EPC Works 
  • Food and Entertainment