Dear Valuable Colleagues, 

We have been going through extraordinary times. We are in a turbulence not seen by the world since the industrial revolution. The process of fast change around us has direct impact on societies, countries, economies as well as on companies.

In this new era symbolizing restructuring, important responsibilities are charged to established groups such as our group with 30 years of history and experience dedicated to the development of Turkish economy and energy sector.

Accordingly, blending our 30 years of experience and know-how from Palet İnşaat and the Atatürk Dam and HEPP projects with our ideas, perceptions and solutions which we have renovated in line with the current conditions, we redesigned our vision under the name of Üründül Group in early 2009, starting important projects in various sectors.

As usual, we, as Üründül Group, will give priority to certain areas in the future as well to achieve our vision through maintaining our quality and reputation, invest in human resources while focusing on efficient businesses, maintain our capital structure strong and control our costs in an effective manner.

Today, I would like to thank on behalf of the Üründül Family to all our employees having contributed to the reputation of the Üründül name and joined us on our road to success. Each one of our employees who demonstrates the true spirit of Üründül has made a great contribution to each mark we made by our investments in various regions of the country. I believe that next generations will proudly maintain this great responsibility of the Üründül name by maintaining the same ethical values.

In the next years, we, as the Üründül family, will continue to deliver important achievements and offer added value to the economy of the country by our investments in all sectors where we operate.

I wish all of you success on this road to success.

We will deliver significant achievements through contribution of each and every one of you.

With kind regards,

Dr.Sr. Engineer Sedat ÜRÜNDÜL
Founder and Honorary President