In recruitment process, Üründül Group gives importance to hire candidates who have the necessary education, technical knowledge and competencies as well as right personality characteristics for their position, follow-up the development around the world, are good team players and open to changes and development.

Our human resources needs are principally supplied via the applications made on our corporate web pages and or candidate database or via consulting firms depending on the position’s requirements.

In Üründül Group, all of the candidates are treated equally and objectively, informed in an accurate and timely manner and what they share during the interviews are kept confidential.

Training and Development

Üründül Group’s target in training is to ensure that its employees gain a certain knowledge, skills and behaviours and support them in acquiring the capability of using them in their lives as well.

The training programmes that are formed to support their development and lead the way to success consist of,

  • Technical Trainings

  • Managerial Skills Trainings

  • Personal Development Trainings

  • Industry and business seminars

  • Certificate programmes.

Performance Development

The main objective of the Üründül Group’s Human Resources practices is to contribute to its employees’ personal and career development.
The employees’ competencies and professional skills are objectively evaluated within the framework of Performance Evaluation system and their improvement areas are supported with trainings.

Üründül Group’s employees are expected to be responsible for their own performance, development and career. With this perspective, the facts that our employees are always willing to learn, support the development of their subordinates and co-workers and adapt themselves to the pace of change in the sectors are the most important performance indicators.

Compensation System

In order to pay the right sum to the right job and to keep the balance within the company, a compensation policy based on the steps determined in line with the market conditions is implemented with a flexible structure in accordance with the changing business and employment environment.

In the determination of the newly recruited employees’ wages, the responsibilities required by the task as well as the employee’s education level, experience and capabilities are principally taken into account.