Üründül Group is one of the main investors to TFI, the owner of Burger King Turkey, Sbarro Turkey,
Arby’s Turkey and Popeye’s Turkey.


  • One year after its establishment in 1994, the company acquired franchise rights for Turkey.

  • Today, TFI operates over 500 restaurants, including 350 Burger King restaurants, in Turkey under the main franchise for Burger King, Popeyes, Sbarro and Arbys, providing services in 53 of the 81 cities in Turkey.

  • TFI was chosen for many awards, including a large number of “franchise of the year” and “food quality awards”.

  • The companies were vertically integrated with Fasdat, Ekmek and Reklam ÜSTÜ.

  • In 2011, Kartezyen Capital Group acquired the company’s shares as a financial investor.


  • The business, adopting the idea of offering free, pleasant and valuable time with high standards introduced to the understanding of sports and entertainment and aiming to become a quality life center, also put Turkey’s largest child entertainment area into service in addition to bowling and billiards game machines.

  • It is becoming a single address for all group/company tournaments, team activities, birthday organizations and other special activities.